If your Neato has the stuck wheel failure, this is the solution

There are basically three different causes for the stuck drive wheel failure.  The first is when debris enters the drive motor gear assembly or the screw that the drive wheel rotates on.  That can be resolved by opening up the gear case assembly, cleaning out the debris and then re-lubricate with some white lithium grease.


The second cause is when a portion of material is broken off of the internal motor armature and becomes lodged between the armature winding and the motor casing.


The third cause is when a component on the drive wheel PCB fails.


I have universal Neato drive wheel motors that will fit either the Left or Right drive wheel assembly.  Just send me a paypal for $80 plus $5 USPS shipping and mention that you are ordering a Neato drive wheel motor.  send the paypal payment to:



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